500 Litres casks (oloroso, pedro ximenez, brandy)

The biggest barrel we do with used wood.

Product Description

RAW MATERIAL  Reused already seasoned staves
ORIGIN  Larger barrels from wineries in Southern Spain
CAPACITY 500 litres aprox.
STAVE LENGTH 130 cm aprox.
THICKNESS  8.0 cm aprox.
HEAD DIAMETER 70 cm aprox.
BILDE DIAMETER 90 cm aprox.
ESTANDAR BUNG HOLE Straigth bung hole
TOAST LEVEL Homogeneous over a fire of American oak chips
IRONWORK 8 metal hoops of 45 mm with rounded edges and totally galvanized
CONTROL Tested by 6 bar of pressure. Sealing test. Quantity of wine depending on size